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Archon - Circlet of the Heavens: Introduction

I had a design from many moons before that disclosed "partial information". Now the system was not correct, since there were errors made in the design of the system. Today I took a 2nd look at that system and found my mistake. It uses an RPS-5 with partial information.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Re-think

Although the design seemed to be moving forwards, I kept struggling with the idea that both players would have their own "storyline". It just seemed like this concept of two (2) storylines and having players "interfere" with each other's quests... was rather "unfocused".

My idea now, is that one (1) Player is the "Villain" and one (1) player is the "Hero".

Perhaps this is a simplistic view, but now it explains why BOTH player will want to play cards: to WIN the game.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Card Diagrams

I know that I had "virtually" set-in-stone my card layout for the game... But I'm not 100% certain about it. It's not that I don't like it, it's because of new ideas that change how I perceive the game needs to be setup.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Building your storyline

I have been thinking "on" and "off" about "Quest AC2". I know that I have narrowed the game's layout and it can be seen here:

This is just an "example" layout. But it generally follows that the game will have four (4) Tracks, the topmost controlled by the opponent and then other three (3) Tracks controlled by the player.

Each player chooses one "Heroism" card and plays it into Track #2.

What happens NEXT is my problem. Let me explain some more and maybe we can find an answer together...

For each "Heroism" you play, the opposite end of the card (180 degrees) has another "Symbol". So if the "Heroism" symbol is a 2 "Hearts", this means that the opposite symbol can be 3 "Dark Virtue".

A "Challenge" could have 2 "Light Virtue", and offer the opponent 1 "Gold".

So far all of this works... Even "Boons" work too.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: When to TAP?!

One of the concepts that I have been "struggling" with was "card rotation". Originally I thought that cards could rotate to different positions. And while this sounded like a "Good Idea", I have quickly learned that it leads to confusion...

When I decided that cards would have "resources" for BOTH players, it meant that rotating the cards was not necessary.

BUT... and it's a big one, how do you EXHAUST "Fragments"???

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Fragments

Taking a step back and starting basing myself purely on the essential or fundamental elements in the game, I have defined these five (5) types of "Fragments":

  • Terror: specify a fright level and are minor or major.
  • Boon: something that is helpful or beneficial in some way.
  • Challenge: a type of obstacle or event which must be overcome.
  • Heroism: anything related to characters and heroes.
  • Ether: the fabric of life itself coming from the Celestial Heavens.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Another iteration

In my mind, I picture the MOST "Epic" Journey you will ever take... I want the Second (2nd) Edition to be one of the GREATEST games you will ever play!

The good news is that I can picture (sort of) the type of game that will be so different from the other Collectible Card Games (CCGs) in that you are building a journey as opposed to simply combating an opponent.

Quest is NOT Magic.

And that's what I really like: to unlock the potential of a different TYPE of game that could become immensely popular.

SpellMasters: "Tiles" of change

In the following GDS Showdown (, we presented a very "unique" component: Wooden Game Tiles.

Although there was limited participation, the general direction of the games in the contest did not satisfy the intended direction of this "component". Even if I shelved the concept for many months... I have been thinking about re-introducing that component for a NEW design.

I call it "SpellMasters".

Tradewars - Homeworld: Three (3) play sessions

I have spent the time going through many of the Game Sets to make sure all the cards are there. And I have also taken the time to buy and use plastic sleeves on the game sets that I plan to have "play sessions" with.

Basically I will be visiting homes of friends and family to demo the game in its present version. Some of these people were early playtesters and have not seen how the game has matured through the stages of blind playtesting.

Crystal Heroes: New stats

Well I have decided on SIX (6) distinct stats that will be used by the game. Previously there was only ONE (1) stat: Crystal power (or C).

Now I have changed it to six (6) stats:

  • [STR] = Strength
  • [DEX] = Dexterity
  • [INT] = Intelligence
  • [CON] = Constitution
  • [CHA] = Charisma
  • [WIS] = Wisdom

Each card will have ONE (1) stat and it will vary per Hero.

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