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Crystal Heroes: Latest Prototype to be tested!

Well I took the ENTIRE day to "re-design" the *NEW* (Latest and Greatest) cards for the prototype. Now I know this game has had a bunch of versions. Some of which that never made the "prototype" phase: they went from idea straight into the trash! LOL

But more seriously, I found some good elements and pieced them all together. I hope to conduct testing "tomorrow", once I finish up cutting the next deck. Since this game is two (2) Player "Micro" Decks, I've finished up Deck #1 and have to repeat the process for Deck #2.

Could take between 1 to 2 hours to cut up the cards.

Crystal Heroes: Emerging Ideas

I have been all through the design ideas of "Crystal Heroes". And just today, I looked some of my "prototypes" for the "core" game. And I came up with some AWESOME ideas such as multiple card "melds"... which add a whole new "dimension" to the game!

I was working with "operators" and "operands" in a later design... And while the ideas seemed cool -- I couldn't get everything to work together. That was until today, where I suddenly realized that "melds" solved all my problems.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Tactical Core

Although the Kickstarter for "Tradewars - Homeworld" is over ... I still wanted to share some information about the FUTURE of the product.

Namely a questionable "Tactical Core" which will feature five (5) distinct starship models AND a "Tactical" Board! That's right, our game will be the FIRST Deck-Builder to combine and use a "special" Game Board suited for Tactical combat and strategy!

This "Tactical Core" will feature SIXTY (60) miniatures!!!

That's right, not 10, not 20, not 50... 60!

It will have two (2) modules:

SpellMasters: Version 2.0

And so I have been working on "SpellMasters" knowing fully well that the design was "incomplete" and had a bunch of ideas -- but nothing strong enough for me to get excited about the game.

That was until YESTERDAY, where I got to thinking that:

Tradewars - Homeworld: Push-Your-Luck

With Tradewars, I have had no interest in adding "Bluffing/Deception" as a expansion idea. I guess I'm not really impressed with all those games that feature it.

Yet at the same time, I would want to introduce a PYL (Push-Your-Luck) mechanic for the "Privateer" Expansion.

At the moment, I cannot picture any "Bluffing" - only that player take chances with the "commissions" to try to be the first player to reach 500 credits. It's pretty simple, each starship costs 10 credits to "commission" and gets a 5 credit "valuation" (no Tradeships).

Archon - Circlet of the Heavens: Introduction

I had a design from many moons before that disclosed "partial information". Now the system was not correct, since there were errors made in the design of the system. Today I took a 2nd look at that system and found my mistake. It uses an RPS-5 with partial information.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Re-think

Although the design seemed to be moving forwards, I kept struggling with the idea that both players would have their own "storyline". It just seemed like this concept of two (2) storylines and having players "interfere" with each other's quests... was rather "unfocused".

My idea now, is that one (1) Player is the "Villain" and one (1) player is the "Hero".

Perhaps this is a simplistic view, but now it explains why BOTH player will want to play cards: to WIN the game.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Card Diagrams

I know that I had "virtually" set-in-stone my card layout for the game... But I'm not 100% certain about it. It's not that I don't like it, it's because of new ideas that change how I perceive the game needs to be setup.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Building your storyline

I have been thinking "on" and "off" about "Quest AC2". I know that I have narrowed the game's layout and it can be seen here:

This is just an "example" layout. But it generally follows that the game will have four (4) Tracks, the topmost controlled by the opponent and then other three (3) Tracks controlled by the player.

Each player chooses one "Heroism" card and plays it into Track #2.

What happens NEXT is my problem. Let me explain some more and maybe we can find an answer together...

For each "Heroism" you play, the opposite end of the card (180 degrees) has another "Symbol". So if the "Heroism" symbol is a 2 "Hearts", this means that the opposite symbol can be 3 "Dark Virtue".

A "Challenge" could have 2 "Light Virtue", and offer the opponent 1 "Gold".

So far all of this works... Even "Boons" work too.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: When to TAP?!

One of the concepts that I have been "struggling" with was "card rotation". Originally I thought that cards could rotate to different positions. And while this sounded like a "Good Idea", I have quickly learned that it leads to confusion...

When I decided that cards would have "resources" for BOTH players, it meant that rotating the cards was not necessary.

BUT... and it's a big one, how do you EXHAUST "Fragments"???

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