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Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Fragments

Taking a step back and starting basing myself purely on the essential or fundamental elements in the game, I have defined these five (5) types of "Fragments":

  • Terror: specify a fright level and are minor or major.
  • Boon: something that is helpful or beneficial in some way.
  • Challenge: a type of obstacle or event which must be overcome.
  • Heroism: anything related to characters and heroes.
  • Ether: the fabric of life itself coming from the Celestial Heavens.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Another iteration

In my mind, I picture the MOST "Epic" Journey you will ever take... I want the Second (2nd) Edition to be one of the GREATEST games you will ever play!

The good news is that I can picture (sort of) the type of game that will be so different from the other Collectible Card Games (CCGs) in that you are building a journey as opposed to simply combating an opponent.

Quest is NOT Magic.

And that's what I really like: to unlock the potential of a different TYPE of game that could become immensely popular.

SpellMasters: "Tiles" of change

In the following GDS Showdown (, we presented a very "unique" component: Wooden Game Tiles.

Although there was limited participation, the general direction of the games in the contest did not satisfy the intended direction of this "component". Even if I shelved the concept for many months... I have been thinking about re-introducing that component for a NEW design.

I call it "SpellMasters".

Tradewars - Homeworld: Three (3) play sessions

I have spent the time going through many of the Game Sets to make sure all the cards are there. And I have also taken the time to buy and use plastic sleeves on the game sets that I plan to have "play sessions" with.

Basically I will be visiting homes of friends and family to demo the game in its present version. Some of these people were early playtesters and have not seen how the game has matured through the stages of blind playtesting.

Crystal Heroes: New stats

Well I have decided on SIX (6) distinct stats that will be used by the game. Previously there was only ONE (1) stat: Crystal power (or C).

Now I have changed it to six (6) stats:

  • [STR] = Strength
  • [DEX] = Dexterity
  • [INT] = Intelligence
  • [CON] = Constitution
  • [CHA] = Charisma
  • [WIS] = Wisdom

Each card will have ONE (1) stat and it will vary per Hero.

Crystal Heroes: The Reboot!

Just figured I'd jot down some game related information for the "Crystal Heroes" Re-boot!

The deck is comprised of ten (10) cards:

"x": Warlord - multiplication = 2 x 3 = 6 (1x)
"|": Thief, Ranger, Bard - special or = 5 | 3 = 10 (2x)
"-": Mage, Cleric - subtraction = 6 - 2 = 4 (3x)
"+": Fighter - addition = 4 + 3 = 7 (4x)

Those are only the classes and operators. The one worth noting is the "special or": what it means is "of two (2) numbers, choose the highest and add them together." So 5 | 3 = 5 + 5 = 10.

Quest AC2: Ideas all in a jumble

I have been thinking about "Quest Adventure Cards(tm), Version 2.0" (Quest AC2). More specifically what it is that I am trying to design for the game.

Originally I was going the style of AD&D and more traditional Fantasy content. But I got to thinking and saying that RPGs for that genre are pretty tapped out. There is so much Fantasy content that corresponds to AD&D content - I'm thinking I may just want to stay away from it.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Technical difficulties (no more!)

Well unfortunately the "The Game Crafter" (TGC) Crowd Sale is DOWN. This is because of an URGENT Change Request that required that we "restart" our Crowd Sale... No worries I am fully confident that we will get the copies to the people who want copies of the game.

  1. Most of the sales are pre-orders, complimentary copies and Family & Friends.
  2. Three (3) sales are from Designer friends on BGDF - I will contact you once the sale is back online.
  3. One (1) sale is from an anonymous buyer. I will contact him directly

Tradewars - Homeworld: Tuesday Game Night

Well I am writing this post-mortem after yesterday's Tuesday Game Night at a local FLGS. The evening started out a bit slow - but I took the time to setup the cards and prepare the upgrade piles for play. And with that we had a gamer or two who were intrigued by the layout itself.

That's one thing about the game - the LAYOUT.

Quest Adventure Cards v2.0: Types of cards

As I mentioned in the EPIC thread, I plan to use dual-sided cards for this game. I know they are a bit *cumbersome* but for what I plan to accomplish, the card count would be just too great.

I wanted to discuss the "Types of cards" that will be present in the game.

Here is the short list:

  • Heroes/Monsters: These dual-sided cards speak for themselves.
  • Bastions-Badlands/Lairs: Various location for your epic journey.
  • Events: These cards are also dual-sided but instead of "Good/Bad", they are "Encounter"/"Reward".
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