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Tradewars - Homeworld: The "Death Spiral"

I guess it must be something about your game that you figure out the more the game is playtested...

We have NAMED the problem the "Death Spiral" and both Joe & I have seen the problem. So let me start by explaining the problem!

  • When one player get further ahead on the Treasury (Bank) and earns the right to a 2nd starship.

This is the catalyst for the "Death Spiral". Let me explain what happens next.

Tradewars - Homeworld: Transformation

This weekend I am working hard in re-developing the game WITHOUT the "Mission" cards. This has had a BIG impact on the rulebook. Many concepts have been removed such as White d6s, Housekeeping, Tradeships, etc. In a way it makes for an easier game for a newcomer to play.

Our goal was to make the game "more accessible" to a broader range of players. In order to do this, we focused the game around "Space Battles". In doing so, even casual gamers said the game was FUN!

Tradewars - Homeworld: "Planetary Missions"

Hello all,

I am announcing the FIRST OFFICIAL Expansion of "Tradewars - Homeworld": "Planetary Missions".

This first expansion will feature BOTH "Missions" + "Planets". In addition by adding the expansion cards to the mix, the AVERAGE resource value is 3.0.

That's right 3.0: God's number! :P

It took a lot of analysis and then some tweaking to squeak out a PERFECT 3.0 all across the board.

So what does it mean?

Well it means that each resource card has an equal TRADE VALUE = 3.0. This means that there is no card which is better than the other...

Tradewars - Homeworld: The age of diplomacy

Well I wanted to take some "notes" about some of the "meta game" ideas that may be used during a game with the "Chancellor" role.

Types of Treaties:

Here are the different types of treaties.



  • I am the Chancellor, let us all draw +1 card: simple enough, just a way of introducing the "meta game" to the game itself...
  • Non-agression Pact: the allies will stick together and destroy the first player who goes on the offensive.
  • Mission treaties: on a per mission basis make deals to barter up help to

  • Tradewars - Homeworld: What's new???

    I actively use this forum to blog and keep thoughts of mine concerning some of my Works-In-Progress (WIP). Specifically the WIP I am talking about today is "Tradewars - Homeworld". I have posted several updates and wanted to make a sort of a reminder where the game is and what is NEW with this game.

    I know, the game is not published, how can there be things that are NEW?!?! Well what I mean is the changes between the different rounds of testing.

    Tradewars - Homeworld: The Quest for Review

    I have been planning on making enough copies of the game to distribute to various "Game Reviewers". My goal is to target 10 reviewers and see what each on thinks about the game. Also would be nice to have a few videos to explain how the game plays out...

    I started with Del Laird and his offer to BUY 8mm acrylic cubes. I liked the idea and it's something I wanted to offer with the game instead of the old wooden cubes. Well the cubes came in and they are ... totally AWESOME!

    Crystal Heroes: New beginnings

    Hello all,

    After the sad but TRUE announcement that I will no longer be investing time into "Quest Adventure Cards(tm): Second Edition", I am excited to announce some changes in my game roster.

    First of all, I had a Video Game production called "Crystal Heroes". This was initially a Nintendo DSi Video game which then became a Android Cellular phone game, which is NOW going to be a "Table Top Card Game"...

    Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - 2nd Edition (Retired)

    Hello all,

    I know I have been blogging about about the "Second Edition" of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)" and talking about runs, sets and suits. However this is a HARD NOTICE that I will no longer be designing this game.

    My reason for this is because I don't feel "Quest AC 2" will be a game that will have high acceptance in the tabletop game world. I just don't see the game becoming a "hit" based on its current design.

    Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - 2nd Edition (Revisited)

    Because kids love "duels" where they can "face-off" against their friends, I got the idea of making the "Second Edition" of the game about duels.

    No, I'm not going to remove the "set collection" aspect of the game. That will stay - since it's a simple mechanic children can understand and then fully understand how the game will play out.

    Quest Adventure Cards(tm) - Second life

    Well all I am excited to announce that "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)", the First Edition will possibly be sold from this point forwards on "Drive Thru Cards" (

    Because of their competitive pricing and POD facilities, this will allow us to LOWER the cost of the game! This game is a "kid-friendly" (age 9+) game which is simple to learn and for the most part "easy" to play.

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