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Protospiel Online review

Earlier this year I attended a Protospiel Online with a complimentary press badge in exchange for a write-up of the experience, warts and all.

What is a Protospiel?

A video explainer

A Protospiel is a tabletop game prototype testing event. Designers act as both tester and host for players. Typically these are held in person in various sites across the United States and Canada. Though no one ‘owns’ Protospiel as a brand, and you can host your own version anywhere you like.

How does a player fit into the game experience?

I asked this question at the Play by Play game development conference in Wellington this past April. It was really well received, and spurred me to start putting some past talks out for the community. My aim with most talks I give is to ask pose a question that's helped act as a lens for me when designing a game. Hopefully by asking the same question, you'll gain some inspiration on your own games.

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