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OverRealm Update 3/17

Hey everybody!

This board game design hobby has a real ebb and flow to it – I haven't been very active here for several months because I took a break from working on OverRealm, but now that I've jumped back in, look where I am! It's nice to be back, seeing familiar faces and new ones too.

Seeking Feedback on Card Design

Lilith Grimoire.jpg

My two-player hero battling card game has made some serious strides, with each new change being more incremental than the last. That's a good sign!

New iterations have demanded revamped card designs, and the ones attached are my most recent versions. I rotated hero cards to give them a different feel from minions. If this makes them feel less epic/unique, I'm open to changing it.


Time and time again, I tried to develop a card game with intense player combat. Each attempt failed. Combat is hard to craft. Seedlings is a huge departure from my previous designs and I couldn't be more pleased.

Seedlings is a 2 - 4 player game where you try to grow a flower on each of your garden's spaces in order to win.

Each player's garden consists of seven spaces. It's constructed with hexagons- one in the middle and six others surrounding it. The middle space space starts with a flower and you start the game with six seedlings.

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