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Perfectionism & Presidents

I was talking to a friend about perfectionism. Specifically I asked whether she thought I was a perfectionist; she did. In my mind perfectionism was never giving up on a thing until it was perfect and therefore potentially working on a thing forever and never finishing it. Her view is that perfectionism is giving up if you can't make the thing perfect. And the latter is definitely me.

Adapting 8-bit game concepts, part 2

DOTC_Work copy.png

I'm looking at basing something on the Defender of the Crown map (Commodore 64 version) but trying not to require huge amounts of tokens to track who controls which of the 18 counties and with what size garrison.

Adapting 8-bit game concepts, part 1

After most of my recent creative efforts going into writing as well as development of a large board game idea that's going nowhere fast, I'm trying to get myself motivated and focused on making some solo games for a friend of mine who has his 40th birthday this year.

We grew up together in the 8-bit computer era so I'm looking at trying to put together tabletop tributes to some of our favourite games from that time. For various reasons, a compact solo game is the best thing for him at the moment, especially as we rarely see each other.

Project 8-Ball / Arcana Jayne The Card Game

The trick taking game I designed for a friend based on her sadly defunct webcomic IP has reached her and she is thrilled.

She posted some nice pics of the Artscow cards as well :)

Project 8-Ball finalised

Tonight a friend at my game group did me a favour of trying to learn my card game from the rules, having never seen it before, and teach it to three people who had never played it. This is about as close as I can get to "blind" play testing as I sat there and forced myself not to correct the minor mistakes that occurred.

Small success

I've been pretty much a lurker for a long while although I have been a member since the "old" site and used to post more frequently there. Having actually achieved something tonight I felt like posting something for a change.

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