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Brand new update

Wrote 14 new monster encounters for the Wicker Tangle Chronicles novel chapter decks this evening. 53 on the list and 247 left to fill list to 300.

I am still working on a list of 5,000 monster encounters for this franchise. At this point , I say the list from the first novel base set is around 2,300.

Still a long way to go and the adventure is slow but joyfully moving along at a snail pace. Its all good though.

Not rushing this project , since its a major production franchise.


April 22,2017

Very early Saturday morning around 1:40 a.m. while my co-writer andI watched Troy the movie we started and completed our newest and next dice game called Mine Maze. It plays like the PC game Snake but with a unique twist.

Players are miners digging for ore (white 6d die) , dirt (green 6d die) , and metal (black 6d die).

Players use a 6d blue die as their picks to mine the maze.

New card game

Last night I started on a brand new game.

It was going to be one game that I had been thinking about during last week and during Animarathon but it turned into another game that I had thought about a year ago and apparently the old game idea came up instead.

So far Card content:

16 cards

10 empty coffin cards
3 skeleton coffin cards
1 computer
1 battery
1 star chart card

I am going to add more cards to the game. Some character cards.
Government Army Cards
Traps cards and a few more other ideas. Not sure yet.

The name of this game : The Unknown: Mystery of The Three.

Current update and other details


1: This morning I finally hand colored in the prototype cave playmat.

2: Sword Weapon Skill Technique list has 17 empty spots left to fill in.

3: Dagger/Fan is still in the works. 50% complete.

4: There are 7 Weapon Skill Technique decks and lists to complete.

Today I started coming up with pre-concept for new location playmats.

1: Waterfall.
2: Colosseum Arena with different designs located in different parts of the TriiDorium World of Dymino Monsters.

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