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Entry #2 - Galactic Ryft


I am currently working on my space board game. I’m on the third major iteration of it. Originally, I created a space strategy game with lots of miniatures, and stereotypical gameplay including combat. I realized it was not unique enough in gameplay and pivoted.

The second iteration was better and more unique, very similar mechanics to the current version, but had too many unique rules and exceptions to make functional and the theme didn’t push far enough into the mechanics. I had 4 groups play test the game and got some indifferent feedback about playing it.

Entry #1 Market Entry

Hello all. I was thinking about self publishing my first game as a digital download roll& write. This would cut down on costs and get my name out there.

I was thinking of putting out a simplified classic dungeon crawler with a twist. Getting points by posting your result to my twitter account or something to that effect. What do you think?

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