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Full name VS nickname

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I noticed that a lot of people are calling each other by their real name instead of their moniker. I must say I like it, it feels like a more solid community. We mostly act and discuss as if we were face-to-face.

Do you think that can put off certain people from participating because of the dual identities?

Do you think the anonymity of a nickname is good or bad? In a creative forum, I'm not sure it's good to be faceless...

I have to say I like the way BGG handle it, the full name is presented alongside the nickname. Right now, some put their realname in the signature, this is a very good solution too!

Joined: 04/23/2013
Missed this earlier


I missed this earlier. However, I think it's entirely up to the individual. Some people won't feel comfortable posting their real names immediately, and some people will never feel comfortable doing this. I like it also and I think I may start signing a lot of my posts with my real name as well.


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