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new webhost

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Joined: 04/23/2013


Due to the recent problems blocking the sendmail routines, I was forced to find a new host for the site. This could be good because the host I found costs less and gives more. I have set up php nuke and tikiwiki (for the vapourwiki) and oscommerce (for protoparts). That all went well and I will begin converting things over shortly. I did find something that was slightly disturbing, and that was that yahoo *and* my corporate account seem to be slow to release account activation e-mails from the site. My gmail and earthlink e-mails were instantaneous. This confirms that these delays, possbile blocks, are caused by the recipient's e-mail server's spam policies. Hopefully it is just a delay and not a complete block, although I am not very hopeful as it has been almost 3 hours with no sign of the e-mail yet. I am not too concerned about my corporate account, but being blocked by yahoo is a very serious issue as A LOT of people use yahoo accounts. I will try a few things and keep you guys posted on it and the progress of the migration to the new site.


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