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Anyone else played LOOT?

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What happens when you combine the game Uno with a pirate theme? You get LOOT, a non-CCG where you combat other players to capture merchant ships and gather the most gold over the course of your piratical career (When the deck runs out).

This game can be learned quickly and the amount of strategy required shifts depending on the number of people playing. I'm not talking tiny changes, I mean complete tactical re-tooling with as small a jump as from 2 players to 3 players.

This game won the 2005 Parents Choice award and the Mensa Select 'major fun' award. And with good reason. It's a fast, fun, and thought-provoking game. Even though the web site advertises it for $10, I picked up my copy for about $6 at Target.

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Anyone else played LOOT?

Yeah, I picked it up for my nephew in December. It was only 5 bucks or so at Wal-Mart. It is a lot of fun especially with the full compliment of players. Well worth the money.

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