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BGDF newbie needs help

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Greetings, everyone!

I found out about BGDF from BGG and am thankful I've come across this amazing website! I've been playing games for over 25 years, but only recently have come up with a couple of ideas for new games. Now that I have the ideas, I think it's time to press forward and actually create these games.

Problem is, there's so much information on here! Where do I begin? Can someone please point me in the right direction? I would really appreciate it.

I hope I can (eventually) be a valuable asset to these boards. And I'm looking forward to communicating with other designers/aspiring designers as well. It's just really an exciting thought for me.

Thanks in advance!
Zambo (Steve)

BGDF newbie needs help

Hi and welcome—though we may have to start limiting the number of members named Steve! ; )

The best for me was to start with the forums. Go in and start reading everything you can. There's a great search function that will help you find specific terms within threads. The Game Design area is a great place to get started looking for ideas and tips on game design. There's a lot in Game Production about making prototypes. There's a whole section devoted to playtesting. There's also a new section that specifically deals with topics in game design. Each topic is addressed in depth by a wide number of memebrs.

Good luck with your game!

If I may ask, where on BGG did you hear about BGDF?

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BGDF newbie needs help

Just remember what I told you in the chat!

Joined: 12/31/1969
BGDF newbie needs help

ahoy there Zambo, Pick out one of your ideas that you feel strong about and think of want kind of game play would fit that type of game,(cards,diceplay,) what age is your target, preschool- 7 and up, 10 and up. Concept and subject matter are the two things I start with. Most of the time one or the other by it's self. All of the things you come up with, even the one''s you don't care for that much,keep. Write down your ideas sometimes it's like a puzzle for me, a old thought might go good with a new one. Remember, we do things different from eachother so if you only take one thing from this that's ok. You"ll develop a style that's work's for you. Good luck.

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