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Chat Night ???'s

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Joined: 06/20/2008

I was wondering if any chat night was still active?

I have been meaning to get to the chats (my schedule varies ALOT) , but it seems that when I do get into the chat (say on Mondays) noone seems to be on...

Are people just to busy for the chat thing to work out? Is it that we "dont" have anything to chat about?

I was also thinking that it might be a good idea to cover the TiGD as part of the monday night chat. Would help promote more talk about the current TiGD topic of the week.

Ah well just wondering...

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Joined: 07/21/2008
Chat Night ???'s

You mentioned using a weekly chat to augment a regular thread. I think that's a great idea.

It might also be neat to have a regular chat for the GDW. While obviously not required, it is always helpful (for me at least) to discuss things in real time. I think it can benefit the people critiquing the games as well as they can ask questions and get an answer right away which might clear something up.

If I do another GDW I might schedule a chat at some point during the week in case anyone wants to attend.

- Seth

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Chat Night ???'s

The Wednesday night chats are, as noted a bit down on the home page, on vacation for the extended summer. I'll be starting those up again sometime in the next several weeks.

Darke runs the Monday night chats, which are also on hold, though I'm not sure if they're coming back or not.

-- Matthew

Chat Night ???'s

What do y'all use for chat? IRC, or an instant message app?

My iChat (AIM) screen name is CaptKevMan, if anyone wants to add me to their buddy list.

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Chat Night ???'s

No we have an onsite chat app... Look for the chat link in the community menu...

It's really not useful though unless other people are actually in it =).


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