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Game Survey

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does any one know some kind of survey of boardgame-user. i am looking for figures, which will tell me how many people are playing boardgames, the market, target groups and so on.

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Game Survey

I think it might be hard to get ahold of something like this with out paying a service to get the information.

But if you check the various locations have an exhibitor pdf that contains some demographics:

Here is a clip out of the So Cal pdf, you should check the site for information on the Indy location(information not available right now),

Male 77%
Female 23%
13 to 17 3%
18 to24 5%
25 to 34 44%
35 to 44 37%
45 to 54 8%
55 or over 4%

Some high school or less 6%
High school graduate 0%
Some college 25%
Vocational or technical school 4%
College graduate 49%
Postgraduate degree 20%

Annual Household Income
Under $15,000 13%
$15,000–$24,999 6%
$25,000–$34,999 6%
$35,000–$49,999 12%
$50,000–$74,999 22%
$75,000 or more 40%

Types of Games Played
Roleplaying games 68%
Computer games 48%
Board games 48%
Online computer games 20%
Miniatures 19%
Trading card games 15%
Console games 14%

Own or Have Access to a Computer
Own 99%
Have access 100%
No access 0%
Have Access to the Internet Have access 100%
Do not have access 0%

Visit the Exhibit Hall & Amount Spent
Visit 100%
Under $10 16%
$11-30 12%
$31-50 12%
$51-100 29%
$101-200 26%
$201-350 6%

Game Survey

I think that stats should be based on the demographics. I am sure the board games I play here in the USA, aren't the same that my fellow humans play in say Thailand, or India.

It would be a cool feature to add a data questionaire (optional of course) to this forum... We could gather info about our specific locations at least. The only issue with that is the fact that it wouldn't be a good cross section of the populus.

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