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Getting back to BGDF & LOG news

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Joined: 10/16/2008

I've been away from the forums for a while...

Hopefully, I'll be able to be a bit more active once again.

I do have a few bits of news. First, I was interviewed in a podcast! Very cool. For those who are interested, you can listen here. They did ask me some game design questions, so I was able to get into that a little bit.

Also, to everyone who entered the SiegeStones Design contest: thanks, and no I haven't forgotten about you. We're finalizing on the top three this weekend, and I'll be posting the winners next week - and contacting them about getting them their awards.

Finally, I'm looking for some published game designers to do some interviews with. I run a local game site called and I do "spotlights" on published game designers. It's basically 9 questions with a game designer. Not a huge site, but if you're a game designer, and would like a little publicity, please let me know.

It's good to be back!

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