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Going to Protospiel 2004 ?

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I'm from Montreal, Quebec, and I'm thinking about going to Protospiel 2004. It is about 1000 KM (600 miles) from Montreal. I was thinking about the easiest, most economic way to get there.

I was thinking on 3 solutions:
1- Rent a car or truck in Montreal, pickup as many people on the road, like in Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto. It's a 10 hours drive and would required that I take Thursday, Friday and next Monday off.
2- Fly to Toronto, rent a car there. Pickup anybody who can get there.
3- Fly to the airport closer to East Lansing. Rent a car.

I'm open to suggestions. I'm trying to plan in advance so I'm not rush or I can look at airplane ticket price if needed.


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Going to Protospiel 2004 ?

While I'm not from Canada or on your route, I am planning to attend Protospiel. It should be about a 6 hour drive from here in Madison, WI.

Anyone else from bgdf going?

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Going to Protospiel 2004 ?

Sadly, I'm not going to Protospiel, as I've commited to a friend's con the same weekend.

I am going to Stephen Glenn's Powwow... I'm looking forward to it!

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