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Hey guys,

Ok, here's the scoop. I'm getting into the billboard business and I need somebody to design advertisements for me on certain occassions. I have all the contacts, all the signs, and I'll be aquiring all the printing equipment. So, the final ingredient is what I'm looking for here.

My question then is to all the graphic artists on this site (I came here because this site rocks!). I'm looking for somebody to design billboards on occasions where I can't or don't have the time to.

Here's the details:
- The image size is 5 feet by 8 feet. I'll get back to you on the other technical details, but for now, you at least know the size of the image.
- I will provide you with a description of exactly what I want, including font, colours, pictures, blank space, what side to put the picture on - basically everything.
- The ads are nothing fancy, just some background effects, words, an image (maybe 2 or 3 at most), and thats it. You won't have to do any of the copywriting (thinking up the words).
- On some occasions, you will have to find a graphic or draw one that relates to the ad - but I'll tell you what graphic to find or what to draw. For example, I might say "Use a blue motorcycle without a driver in a city setting. The mood of the ad is thrilling and speed" (I'll also pay for the graphic/drawing).
- You'll be required to create 3 similar ads (based off the description I give you). The client will choose 1 from them. If the client doesn't like any of them, then for extra payment, you'll have to design 1 more. If at that point the client is unhappy, then the client will have to find someway to get the ad themself (you still get paid for your work though).
- Everything will be done electronically
- I expect you to spend at most 30 mins on creating all three ads (that's how simple the ads have to be. Most of the ad will be words).
- to start, you will likely get 1 or 2 ads per week. In a year, I'm expecting 1 day, maybe more.

If you are interested please send me a private message including your name and an estimate of what you would charge per billboard (let me know if you need more details in order to figure out your estimate. I included as much as I could think of right now). After that, I'll contact you back asking for samples of your work. After seeing examples of your work, we'll go through a trail run (at no charge) where I'll give you a description and you'll have to put together 3 ads (at this stage, I'm not going to pay for the trial run - I'm just mentioning that now so there no confusion later).

If you have ANY questions, please contact me. I'm looking for beginners and experts alike. Even if you're a student, I'd like to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!


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