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Help finding contract for investor/labor

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I am planning to pay 50% to my investor and 50% to myself to sell the game so I need a contract (labor/investor contract). Does anyone know where I can find a template which I can modify?

Thank you

Help finding contract for investor/labor

I have seen a variety of generic contracts in the bigger office supply stores. For something like this, unless you're a lawyer or familiar with law and legal terms, you may want to hire a lawyer to do this for you. It probably won't cost too much (since they have tons of blank and generic contracts available to them).

Just out of curiosity, Are you talking about self-publishing? You and your investor are splitting the profits, correct? Not that it matters, but a lawyer can help you nail down all the fine points (including some that you may not even think about).

Help finding contract for investor/labor

alibaba, if you do a google citing "legal forms" you will turn up lots of what you're looking for. These forms differ from country to country and depending upon the complexity of the business relationship can be pages and pages long or in some cases only a few lines. The more that is defined simply puts into words that which would otherwise be prudently equal but has been defined to reduce misunderstandings between the mulitple signatories or as part of a negotiated compromise.

What you are looking for is a "joint venture" agreement. Its structure is fairly simple, it identifies the parties, the property or objective of the venture, the contributions of the signatories, the obligations of the signatories, the duration of the agreement and the what if's. In your case, I would suggest a small simple agreement no more than two pages in length and you should be able to find one more than suitable for free as I have outlined above.

Make sure your investor knows what's involved and that you know what they expect from the agreement before you sign. If desires are expressed or promises made verbally and not written into the agreement, they simply were never said.

My advise would be not to encumber yourself with limitations. If the investor is amicable, work out the details with amendments to your agreement and keep the initial document simple and basic but firm in its obligations.

It could be a good idea to seek out some of the free legal advice which is available on the net and ask one or two questions when you have a document ready for signature. You might also ask your investor to draw up the agreement but any work you do yourself is in your own advantage if you do it well. In some countries lawyers will give a half hour free consultation and you might take your prepared document to one of these prior to signing and see if any warning signs pop up.

Good luck with it, sounds like a great learning experience.


BTW, see my other posts if you think it would be of interest to us.

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