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Help with my game

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I am writing a 2D computer game in C#. I am doing this for fun(?) in my spare time(?)...and I am looking for like-minded folks to talk with.

I realize this forum is for non-computer board games, but I thought I would post here anyways. My thinking is even though my chosen "medium" for displaying the board game and interface is a Windows application...the theory, playability, balance, interface, artwork, and other topics are open to comment by anyone who enjoys games and are in no way the sole domain of computer-based games.

Now, let me explain that once my game is finished, I plan on making available the game and underlying source code for FREE. The intent being to entertain and educate other aspiring game developers, whether their games are computer-based or not. There will be no restrictions on the game source code other than I would appreciate a word or two of credit if you take the game to the next level. If you take my game source and make money off of a deriviative....welll...I'll let your conscience be your guide. :)

Please (post here) if you would like to help in any of the following ways:

C# development
windows sockets development


--game design advice (I am certainly NO expert....believe you me)

--playability advice (is the game fun, easy to play, etc.)

--balance advice (are some pieces too strong, too weak, not enough, too many, etc)

--constructive criticism of any kind

The game source and game rules are located on my site:

I hope to hear from you!


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