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Interested People in CHITAG???

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Is anyone interested in sharing a booth or doing a combination of a bunch of games from here all in one booth??

I cant afford to do one booth all by myself besides not having enough games to fill one but would like to see if others would liek to do it or another option would be taking an inventor table.

The cost for a entrepreuner booth is

Inventor Tables - $150/day or $400/3 days

___ Entrepreneur Booths – 5’ x 10’ furnished with carpet, sign, free drayage to booth, 42” high 6’ x 2’ skirted table, wastebasket, 42" high round table and 2 stools. These are placed 4 to an island (2 x 2). $1,000

___ Standard Booths – 10’ x 10’ (100 sq. ft.) unfurnished with free drayage to booth, sign, ad in Program Book, and stage time opportunity on a first come, first serve basis. $ 1700

I would also like to see if anyone is from the area which would be willing to be at the booth instead of me travelling for it.

Any interest??

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