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As a suggestion of forward thinking, this last year I bought a copy of Peachtree Accounting 2004. After rebate, it cost me about $10 which was the sales tax. Since inventory, billing etc. is part of it's function, I figured that when I eventually release my game, I'll already have the software to help me pull this off. It's still in the box unopened: however, my goal of having a manufactured product by mid 2005 will necessitate I have some software to help.

I've been noticing that the Staples, Office depots, Comp USAs etc. have been running the same promo for the 2005 edition (single user license) recently. It's just food for thought that if you're serious about making a game, some forward thinking now might save you $200 plus later. As a self described expert on rebates, make sure you Xerox the forms which include the original UPC symbol, proof of purchase etc. as well as write down the phone number and when you should expect your money. The companies will inevitably try to screw you and if you're talking a rebate of $160 for Peachtree, don't take any chances.

I'm not suggesting Peachtree is the best or easiest software out there, but for $10, it's worth the gamble.

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