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Need art for my medieval (fantasy) strategy game.

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Hi all

What I'm after...

I need the help of an artist to make a nice prototype of the game I have designed.
The style of artwork I picture the game using is similiar to "Asterix and Obelix" or "Groo the Wanderer".
Character and building artwork is the majority of the work.

Bit about the game...

The game is currently titled "Top of the Town".
The Chief of town has died without leaving an heir. Players take on the role of ambitious town leaders in a struggle to become the new chief.
This is not a dice game.
More info available on interest.

What I offer...

Unfortunately I dont have much funds at the moment as I have gone back to University for further studies, and am getting married soon.

So I would like to either have someone work with me on this project, or someone willing to work for less then top dollar (maybe a University student). If this game makes it as far as publishing (I think I have a unique game here) I would ensure any help I recieved in its design is rewarded.
I do have the skills to work with Penciled art.
Message me for payment ideas.

Please leave any comments here or email me. Thanks

Matt Berends

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