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New Board Game Manufacturer on Site

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Hello all.
Just new to this forum. Hope to be of service to all of you talented game designers.
I am a board game manufacturer located in Canada and can offer complete manufacturing and distribution of games.
We have some great titles for both mass and indi markets.
please contact us for information, quotes, prototypes, and complete game production services.
Best of luck to all.
We do enjoy working with new board game designers

New Board Game Manufacturer on Site

Nice stuff. The boxes do indeed look high quality.

New Board Game Manufacturer on Site

Thanks very much. Please let me know if this note should be moved to another section. I am not very experienced at this sort of thing but I am pleased to have found the site and offer our knowledge and experience to others.

New Board Game Manufacturer on Site

I requested some info from your site. I'm glad to see you posting in other sections and promoting more than just a simple "hi" then followed by.... well... nothing.

Joined: 04/23/2013

Welcome Gameguys to the BGDF! I love it whenever someone from 'the biz' joins us here! The information and tips that you guys provide us 'newbies' are invaluable. If there is anything you can recommend to make things here better, please let me know.

Thanks, and again, welcome!


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