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New game inventor feedback.

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I just joined this site today so I’m a little unfamiliar with this. I have designed a game but would like somebody to take a look at it for some feedback. Are there people out there that do this sort of thing for a living, and if so could anybody be able to place me in the right direction?

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New game inventor feedback.

I'm sure there are businesses that can help with general marketing type concerns -- organizing testing sessions ("panel discussions") and feedback/surveys. But I'm not sure if there is something specifically related to testing game prototypes.

You might want to look at the "Game Design Workshop" going on in these forums (has its own forum below). You get plenty of detailed feedback from other hobbyist (and some pro) designers. jwarrend is coordinating the schedule for it, so you might want to drop him a line.

If you don't want anything quite the formal, you can alway post a link to the game's info in the "Game Design" forum -- you'll get a bit less structured feedback that way, but it will still be feedback from mostly the same folks involved with the GDW.


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