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Every now and again I print out the really long threads so that I can read and digest them at my leisure. I should say that I TRY to print them out and invariably come up with problems. Text is often cropped off, etc. When I try to copy and paste into Word, I lose either text or paragraph returns (neither of which is a help). The only thing that I've found to work is when I print to tabloid sized paper. Then everything comes out perfectly, but is more like reading a newspaper.

Does anyone else have problems printing threads from this forum? Is there a simple way to add links to printer friendly layouts when desired (a link on each thread display screen)? Just curious.

Printer Friendly

P.S. I love the BGG search link! Very cool addition!!

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Printer Friendly

Actually, I have come across this problem in other phpbb boards with a left alligned nav menu. My solution is pretty simple...

Highlight the selection you want to print. See the Author/Message text at the top of the posts in orange? Start your selection with that line and select everything to, say, the "Go" button after the "Display posts from previous:" text at the bottom of the page.

Next, hit print, but in the print dialog box, make sure your "Print Range" is set to Selection.

This should print out all the text you want with all formatting, without printing that left menu bar which is causing the cropping. Hope this helps.

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