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What are you doing???

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Well, I had a problem with my old AOL the minute I put XP on this machine... I could get my e-mail, but the browser and XP didn't like each other much. They have now made up and are sharing a small house in the Hamptons. Wedding bells? well... I wouldn't go that far.

ICGD did manage to put out Prehistoric War PIGs, which had only limited success, and Hekaforge released Noble Kings and Dark Lands, which did quite well, although I believe that was released before I lost my ability to access this forum. Whats coming up?

Well, I plan on attending some of the chats again (the litmus test of the browser vs. XP debacle) AND judging some more of the contest entries is high on the priority list.

I am working on The Exotic Realms of Hazgar and The Lost City of the Utiss (rpg stuff) for Heka, as well as laying out a new sourcebook for that company, Jewels of the East.

ICGD has Red Shirt Down in the mix right now, as well as Technical Fowl (a game of genetically engineered bird combat) and the rpg Playin' in the Streets at the top of its list. Yes, I'll be busy, but with access to this site now being less torturous for me than the Inquisition, I'll be around and moving forward on my obligations here.

I will need to catch up on the collabrative game design effort.... and that will mean (I am sure) a LOT of reading... so don't expect my commentary there any time soon.

So... my apologies for my absence... spankings are expected... and I'll see you all, again, here on the boards.


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