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That would play so much better if.... ( Game Adaptation )

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I have been adapting and changing a game that went OOP about twelve years ago. I know it`s not as good as designing it myself from the roots up but I just couldn`t pass up the opportunity. Although I have made many changes ( I`d say at least 60% ) the basic concept remains the same, so copyright infringements and other such problems are ringing in my ears.

The License for this game is owned by one of the `Big Boys` in the industry.

Does anyone have any ideas of the best way forward. At the end of the day I`d like to be able to sell the game myself (dreaming) or maybe even put my ideas forward to the company themselves, without them being stolen. This may sound paranoid but I`ve had a bad experience before.

Please go easy on me, This is my first time using a discussion forum.

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That would play so much better if.... ( Game Adaptation )

This is a tricky one to answer without knowing which game it is and what exactly you changed.

There are a lot of games that inherit mechanics from other games. If you really did change 60% of the game

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