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GBGD - Generic Board Game Designer

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Joined: 12/31/1969

For those who follow the thread on this forum, I started to build some basic block for this project. My goal is to provide some basic functionality and continue to build from there.

So far this is what I achieve.
Game Object - 30%. Basic Definition done.
Board Object - 50%. First Implementation done. Need Scroll bar.
Design Screen - 10%. Basic Screen layout no functionality coded.
TCP/IP Communication - 20% - Establishing connection. Need messaging system.
Save System - 50% - As long I don't screw up the object this one is easy.
Dice Object - 5% - Only simple definition
Cards - 10% - Only simple definition exist
CardStack - 10% - Only simple definition exist. Need support for mouse.
Bank - 5% - Only simple definitoin exist
Pawn - 5% - Only simple definition exist.

All this is for PC using the .NET framework 1.1. You can download it for free from Micro$oft.

Depending on my time frame, I expect to be able to have one board, card stack and communication soon. This mean we could test the system with a multiplayer solitaire soon.

Ok I know it's not that exciting, but that a start.

Have a good day.

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