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Internet BoardGame Engine

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I've been fiddling around in this internet boardgaming space for a few months. I have an alpha level program that may align with the goals of this forum. The program I've designed so far allows multiple players across the Internet to play out a boardgame using the same physical manipulations one usually does. Of course, being in the early alpha stage, only a subset of those manipulations are currently coded and only one test game was used so I could work through the mechanics of using a keyboard/mouse interface to matchup with the usability of a physical boardgame and associated components.

Here's some links so you can see for yourself:

- The forum (download/discussion)

- The homepage (design and development details)

- Other discussions

The initial sample game is 1851 (called i1851 in this internet version). The rules and all the needed components are built-in.

I intend to allow end-users (like yourselves) to add your own board and components so you can use the engine to recreate/create your own games. Comments/feedback are welcome and encouraged.

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