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Editing and Testing

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I assume that most of the entries we put in to test things out will be deleted before the site goes live?

Also, when it is live, will people be able to go in and edit entries started by others etc? What is the plan for managing this?

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Editing and Testing

Not sure about the entire plan for allowing editing rights, but to start off we are going to allow all users the right to comment on a page and an editor or admin will be allowed to take the comments and add to the page as seen fit.

We dont want to allow for site wide page altering since it might result in some problems (hackers, spammers, etc).

I am sure over time Darke will assign editor privs to some members and admin privs to others to help keep the data management flowing.

Not sure that helped, but for now that is how I see it. Maybe Darke can add his view of privs and editing of pages.... Darke?

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