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[Announce] Neuroludic

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I don't know where i can put this announce. I Hope that's rigth there... is a french website, where you can download more than 10 boardgames. The site is in french, but 2 of these games have english rules:

Railroad Big Party

Monkey trouble

You will find some others game (big games or littles), but in French...
Sorry about my english (a pity, i know), and to can't participate to your forum... :-(


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[Announce] Neuroludic

Why would you not participate in our forum? If its because you feel bad about your English, don't. I can understand your English almost perfectly.

Thanks for the two games though, and hopefully I'll see you soon


[Announce] Neuroludic

I miss to much words to understand yours conversations.
I must learn english seriously !

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[Announce] Neuroludic

Any game where monkeys steal underwear is okay by me.

That's my favourite Settlers of Catan variant, in fact.



[Announce] Neuroludic

Hello all,

Neuroludic proposes a new game to be downloaded free : "Turquoise".
This game, rather abstract, is particularly adapted for 2 players.
English rules are available.
Moreover, an artisanal version can be bought. We deliver in all Europe...
Please, visit:
Thank you for your attention :)

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[Announce] Neuroludic

these <> indicate french traduction

Are all these games free, or they are just demo for a game sold on the web.

Yeh, learning english is a good idea. It allows you to make contact with a complete new world.

[Announce] Neuroludic

All the games are free, you can download the rules and the elements... Of course, some elements, as the tokens, will have to be found elsewhere.

The Turquoise version is in black and white, by respect for those which buy the game, but the provided elements make it completely possible to play...

To learn the English, i dream some... but for the moment, I must do with the automatic translators... 8-(
thank you for your comprehension

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