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Character design concepts for my game

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these are just some concepts i was hoping to get some suggestions

the first one is a luck based mage his suit is alot like a roulette table and he even has a green 0 in the middle while the next character is a warrior that wields two bucklers (shields) and attacks with them (there is also the razor sharp lining .. i still dont' know if they should be thicker or none at all)

i'm contemplating having a spade earing on the luck mage (i'll name him something else later)

i also need to decide on the mage's pants (maybe khakis) and something that might signify him being a wizard (a golden cane or something)

well hope you can help.

Character design concepts for my game

Hey man, I'm a newb to the site but maybe I can help

Umm, not quite sure what you mean with the luck mage
The warrior sounds pretty cool and the shields are something you don't hear of often

Main Point: please add more info if you want help with character design


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Character design concepts for my game

I like the mage in the roulette suit, definitely go with
the spade ear ring. Makes him more unique.

what about guns?
It's weird cause the mage seems very modern but the
other guy sounds very primitive. So how are you gonna
mix that?

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