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Feedback on close to print game

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Hey all, check out and see what my brother and I put together in 12 months. Just a fun card game about birds and their habitats. We're hoping to print soon!



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Feedback on close to print game

Looks great!

Did you publish yourself or through an agent? I'm sure we'd all really like to know your story on how you managed to get it to this stage, what it cost and any good recommendations you could provide. So, when you get time, please give us your full story!

And well done!

Cheers ..... TwoBob

Feedback on close to print game

Looks great! Are the images on your website just mock ups or do you have an initial run completed?

Could you share a little of your story as far as the design and publication aspects that you went through? 129 cards for $11.99 is a great deal and one that I'm sure others would be interested to hear how you accomplished!

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Gutsy move!

I'm really impressed with the website. Looks sharp!

You named a character Dr. Strang? Wow. That's really gutsy. Dr. Strange is the name of a Marvel Comics character, and I don't know of any company that protects their property rights more vigorously than Marvel.

As the game takes off and becomes stunningly popular, you might want to consider renaming Dr. Strang - or phasing him out in favor of some other character.

Just a friendly suggestion, of course.

- Patrick Matthews
Live Oak Games

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