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Finally joined the board!

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Hello All!
I have been browsing the BGDF forums for the last 9 months and am a true addict to everyones learnings and advise.

I decided it was time to apply myself (contribute).
I am new to the board game design industry and am learning new things daily.

I have been working on a board game titled GOOD NEIGHBORs - The Sharing Game. The game has been playtested. I'm now finalizing the prototype design.
My plans are to begin "grassroots marketing" this summer with youth groups and supporters of Awanis. I plan to self publish and produce and sell the first 125 units. I am presently pricing my first mass production run.
Your forum is a wealth of information to questions I tend to lose a lot of sleep over.

Thanks for all of your helpful threads of help and encouragement.
From here on I will be a contributor as well as a sponge :lol:.

Joined: 12/31/1969
Finally joined the board!

Welcome Jabbear! Glad the site has been of service, and we look forward to your contributions. Please feel free to keep us advised of how it goes for you: I know there are a lot of folks here interested in self-publishing.

-- Matthew

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