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Hey all - graphic designer here

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Hey all -

I'm new to the forum...

If anyone is looking for graphic design for their games please contact me at and I'd be glad to show you a portfolio and give you a price quote :)


looking for graphic designer

Hello, And Welcome to the forum.

I have been looking for an artist for a few projects of mine. I am working on two projects for the past 8 years and counting. That is why it has been taking so long to complete them. When and other details. I would like to see what you have come up with. Can you provide a link I can check out? The reason is that the computer I am on is at the school's website. I am looking for artists who can draw infantry of ancient japan,china,and korean warfare and also characters and the undead art for the s.h.b.g. ( survival horror board game ). I have othe rprojects in mind that need artwork. But lets collebarate sometime.

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