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I'm back ... I think ...

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Joined: 07/21/2008

I think I might be past the initial post-merger craziness at work ... should get back to a more normal schedule soon (with a few busy weeks thrown in here and there over the next few months) ...

I hope this means that I can regain my normal BGDF activity level soon. Thanks again to Scurra for taking over the "Showdown" for July!

Hope to see you all around ... sorry to the folks whose IM's I failed to respond to over the past few weeks of my hyper-lurking ... ;-)


I'm back ... I think ...

Welcome Back from the sunny south

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Joined: 06/20/2008
I'm back ... I think ...

Bryk..... me too!

Well maybe not, work might drag me back into the ever growing hole of doom! its actually not that bad, but I just finished working the month from hell. 360+ hours of work in just the last 4 weeks.... not fun.

Oh and did I mention it ruined a ton of game design plans I had for this summer (like PowWow and GenCON)? Well it did, and may continue to ruin my summer since it may again "force" me to do some major overtime to save the second part of the project...

Anyways... welcome back, I hope I get to join the reunion!

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I'm back ... I think ...

Indeed, welcome back, Matt.

And here's to you being able to hang around, Zzzzz!

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