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My game in Progress!(Long)

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Here is the game i am working on now. This is my first game i have got this far, but its basically the same as the others. I have never really thought to make it Public, or really sell it. Just to take time, and for my Friends. They have always liked Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-oh, D&D(the few weeks we did it...)Mage Knights and other Board games like Star Wars Epic duel Game, Risk, and stuff. The game i am working on, its i guess you can say, kinda like these. Ill say its a combination of Mage Knights, Heroscape, D&D, and SW. With the Basic movement, attack each other, Dead, have units, and stuff. But with my own Attack rules, Fighting System, unit Abilities, and all that.

I have not really organized all of the information from my various book that i keep my idea together for a official booklet, i havent even made a first prototype. I haven't even Finished my fire game i was trying(I was away from home for a week, then i made most of it up, i haven't really got to trying the system out) Of course, i need a friend that can help me with this, there Idea, Approval and diss likes, but I'm still getting to that! So i guess ill Begin with the basics about the game.
*working on it*
Something like warrior gather for something, because i don't want just warriors from one Age( like Modern, Medieval or something) so I'm still working on that.
Game mechanics
Building your Army( tons of stuff to work on, give brief info later)
Moving around the battle field
Attacking/Defending enemy attackers
using abilities/Spells/commands
Using Cards/Drawing them(still in progress)

The Main Game play is to move you units around the feild and kill your enemy units. The basic style is that of D&D, with Movement, Dice roll attack, having Damage and Life. But with my own Combat and Defense system.

Ill go alittle bit into the Units.

Each player can Make/Pick a group of units to fight with. That is "Building your army" Comes in. I myself will have some Units created for started, but if people want to create there own units, they are welcomed to. But i have my own style of doing that(A bit later)

There are 2 types of Units. The Squad leader, and the members of the group. The Squad leader has Special abilities, like Being able to use Commands(Abilities that effect your team) and are a bit stronger, being able to distribute more Static points when creating one. The group members,are normal, with no Commands/Leadership, and a bit weaker.

Static(like D&D)
The Basic statics points are these, each unit(Leader and member have these)
Strengh(STR) -The physical power of the unit(For Melee Attackers)
Dexterity(DEX0 - For the accuracy and eye sight of units ( For Range attackers)
Agility(AGI) - For speed and quick moving Units ( Movement speed)
Vitality (VIT) -For the endurance and defense of a unit ( Armor/ Hp)
Knowledge (KNW) For Brains and the magic arts ( Mana/Magic Lv)
For Leaders
Leadership (LDR) -For Command Points and commands lv(commands)
Also, races,

Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orcs, Goblins, more to come
Like i was saying before, people can customize there units for the most parts. I will have stat points that they can Add to there units.
Human Stat Bonus (5 is the base)
STR-5+ 1
DEX-5+ 1
AGI-5+ 1
VIT-5+ 1
The 1 shows us the Human Stat bonus, each race has some. A human, for me is a Average race. And so , you can see i used up 5 extra stat points. Each race has it. so, if I make up a race, lets say Orgermor( and there really strong, and dont even have a language they can speak) So, i might have this as there bonus Stat Points
STR (+5)
DEX (0)
AGI (0)
VIT (1)
KNW (-1)
See that the race bonus is 5, but i have 5 for STR and 1 for VT, but i have a -1 for KNW, equals that i have 6 points after that. You can not (Subtract more then 1 point from any static.)

I might be adding more, not sure. Still in thought.

Now, to determine the Stat point usage. Really quick. Ill give an example for a unit after all the stats are made, for now.
Vahn ( Leader)
Human Swordsmen
So, i will show what this means.

STR- Every 10 points, it gives 1 Damage to an melee attack(combat soon) And showed what Melee weapon i can use.
DEX- Same, but for Ranged attack and what Range weapon usable
AGI- Every 5, Movement speed +1
VIT-Double my Vit+ 10= My Hit points/Health and Every 10 points, + 1 on Armor Rating, and what armor i can use.
KNW- Double my KNW+5 = my Mana and every 4= +1 on my Magic Still Lv.
LDR-(Leaders only)-How many commands i can get(later) and use

So, that is what it means, i will go over everything els, and then explain after, a Units full Details.

This is used for Abilities, each unit has the same, of 100, and regenerates 20 each turn, if its less the 100, no more then 100.

This is the hardest part for me!

When a unit gets close enough to attack, depending on the weapons,(Sword and Axes, 1 arounf him, no squares away, Spears and staff 1 square and Bows and Guns, 3+)

In this games combat system, i wanted to have the Weapon the main focus. Also Accuracy and Hit rating. so here is how it goes.

Each weapons has a hit rating, 5%-100%. The high, more chance of hitting

Example, A sword is one of the smallest and lightest, and its quick, so it has a high hit rating. For now, lets say 75%. But it also has a high block rate, so i might have -10% on enemy Attacks, decreasing there Attack rate my that much more.

Sword 1(Attacking) VS Sword 2(Defending)

Sword 1 has a 75% HR(Hit Rate) and Sword 2 has a 10% Block Rate (BR) so, the sword 1 now has a 65% chance of hitting the unit that is defending.

Rolling this has not yet come to me, i am thinking getting a D20 dice and coloring it to have %, in 5s. so, the sword 1 has to get anything from 75% or lower. That is my idea, still working on it tho.

So, if the unit HITs the Target, getting high enough for an attack, ( its hit rating) then it does damage.

Now each weapon has a Damage rating, and each unit has a Armor Rating.

Damage of a Sword is 15, and the Armor Rating is 8, then it would equal 15-8=7DMG(damage.)
Also, Each Attack that hits HAS TO DO DAMAGE, even if the AR(armor Rating) is higher then the DMG.

Every weapon is basically the same, Block rating has to be fro 10-30%, no more.

Also, you can have 2 weapons, Melee and Range. If you want to switch, it will cost a attack turn.

Each turn,Each of your units has actions points.That depends, not sure yet. They can spend it on...

Movement is simple.

Your Base is 3, and plus your AGI bonus.

Commands/Abilities/ and Spells.
Now, each of these are different,

Abilities- every unit has some. This is used for all units, that meet the requirements of the Abilities.
Abilities are physical things that anyone with enough Power or speed can do, if you picked it. You are limited to (not sure how much yet) so pick wisely!
And they use up stamina,

Example are...
Double Shot
sword Tornado

Basically, any moves that involves that one unit, and maybe an enemy unit. And non Magical

Spells-Powers of the Wise, the Magician. They use up Mana, that the unit has. Spells are both offence and defensive.

Ice armor
Breath of life

Anything magical
Mana-5+double KNW

Commands-they are used by your squad leader. They affect mostly all your squad. Things like defenses barrier, to Frontal assault. They can range. They dont use Mana or Stamina, but you can pick how many times you can use it during a mission. and meet the requirements.

Suppress Fire
Defense cluster

Now, the different besides what i just said are kinda cool. Each has a different way of kinda Reusing them,

Abilities,you can use one, over and over, but after one, wait, then again, wait again wait, because of its high Regeneration points.
Spells have high mana(Kinda like 300 Stamina points but Mana) but the spells can cost a little bit or alot. If you use a spell that uses like 100 mana, that will be stronger , like a 20 is weak. They have a slow regeneration, like 5 each turn? or 10. But you can use potions. (Later on that)
And Commands use Requirements and a limited time. If the requirements are meet and you sill have like 2 usage, you can use both, but remember, only a limited # to use!

Almost done, i have alot more to share, but its really smal info, that i wont speak of.

One more thing i want to say is, Before i finish off with a Full Unit Info, is The Money system. There is no Lv ups in this game, after you make your units, thats it. But, while making your unit, you can buy and chose from stuff. Like Weapons, Stat points to increase, Armor, Spells and Commands, and other stuff.

This is stilll in development, i only thought of the idea, and havent really gone deeply into it. So i could make my Unit have really good Weapons, but not so good Abilities and Stats, Of have a unit it loads of Ability and Spells, bit only a bamboo stick and a tunic. It all depends on the person playing! And if you want to , maybe after each game, you can get more $, so you can make your gys stronger. That's up to you!

Full Unit Info!
Now i will show you a Squad leader and 1 units Full Stat and Stuff
I have not dont this yet, so please bare with me!

Elthanor (Squad Leader)
Male Wood Elf

Magic Lv-1


Melee-Silver Spear
Hit Rate-65%

Range-Long Bow
Hit Rate-80%

Double Shot


Speard out
Defense Aura

Eric (Member)
Male Human

Magic Lv-4


Melee-Oak Staff
Hit Rate-80%



ice Armor
Ground Quake

There it is! My first organized version of my game. I think i put the BASICS, i still have a little bit, but i wont at it. I think its too long... im sorry. I hope its all good, please put up anything of yours. This is pretty much for my Friends, unless it gets bigger, but if there is something in here that is Copy righted,them tell me, but i might still keep it, for fun. Thanks Evey one Who has helped me so far!

GAME NAME, in progress!

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