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Returning after a protracted hiatus

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I'm returning, I hope, for good. Although I don't legitimately have the time to work on my designs, I'm planning on stealing some from my responsibilities. At any rate, returning to BGDF is thrilling. It's startling how much has happened in my absence. The Wiki appears to be tabled, people are dreaming up even grander schemes involving design software, and we've over 1700 members.

I feel as though the whole community has matured and I'm left to watch by the sidelines. To be honest, I never fleshed out a design to full playability. Yet, back when, there was less competition between nooblets like myself. I could ask dumb questions and get away with it. Now I fear I'll be forced to use the oft mentioned "forum search" feature *gasp*.

Well, I do hope to revisit some of the old ideas and bring them to fruition. We'll see where I wind up with them soon enough. That said, I am borrowing this time from my work and now must return. This wasn't quite the triumphant homecoming I intended to have, with a published double-platinum design in hand, but who was expecting that really ; )

- Silverdragon0

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