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Trade anyone?

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Joined: 04/23/2013

Since I havent had much luck with trading on the geek lately, I thought I'd post a query here. Anyone want to trade?

Here are my major games for trade:
Fresh Fish - Friedemann Friese - Plenary Games
Time Pirates - Alan Moon / Aaron Weissblum - Rio Grande
Cargo - Tom Jolly - Wingnut Games
Urland - Doris & Frank - Doris & Frank
Fish Eat Fish - Reiner Knizia - Out of the Box

My major wants:

China Town
Corsairs - Rio Grande
Celtic Quest - JKLM Games
Marracash - Kosmos
Santiago - Z Man Games
Amazonas - Mayfair

I have others I want, but these are my major wants at the moment. If you have any of these for trade, or if you want one of these and you have something you think I might like, drop me a PM and we'll discuss it.


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