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History of the Roman Empire boardgame

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Dear Board Game Designer forum,
I'm Marco Broglia "theclapofonehand" an italian boardgamer,
I send you the rewiew of my game "History of the Roman Empire" the game will be published from the Udo Grebe Game Design only if reach the 500 preorder within the end of the 2005, at this time has reach the 325 preorder. I hope in your interest and if you may place this review on your site (sorry for my bad english... no panic, the rules of the game are very professional !!!)
Thanks for your support

The History of the Roman Empire game cover the entire rise and fall of the Roman Empire in seven turns of play, starting with the first triunvirate 60 b.C. composed by Caesar, Crassus and Pompeus, until the last emperor Romulus Augustus 476 a.C. The map represents the entire mediterranean area and part of the Asia Minor area. The players take the role of one among the four Roman factions, bring the command of the relate legions, and at the same time, take the control of the barbarians peoples and of the existing kingdoms. The History of the Roman Empire game works at the best with four player, but is possible play it with three or two players, and no player will be eliminate during the entire game. The History of Roman Empire game is not strictly “historical” but offers a great lot of flavour about this, with its 42 roman emperors or pretenders and 34 peoples and kingdoms, recreating the struggle between legions, like civil war, and against the barbarians. The History of the Roman Empire game especially works for fun, the rules are quite simple but, every turn the players must take decisions about which emperor wish became, which barbarian people controls, and where found new cities. Moreover the players try to preserve, as long possible, their legions and consequently the “Empire”, because the Roman factions are one of the major sources of victory points. But many other decisions must be taken by the players during a session of the History of the Roman Empire game... Every turns the players will decide if spend romans victory points for recruitment or forts construction, but only at the end of the game will know if this points are well spended. Every game offers different situations depending on players choices and strategy. The 45 event cards add a little bit of unpredictable opportunyties to the game. Each player, turn by turn, tries to take and hold the richests lands, keeps them under the control of his faction or peoples. However, in the last turns, are the barbarians peoples that will make the difference, Goths, Vandals, Franks, Alans and last but not last Huns spread on the entire map, are strong enough to take what they want where they want, above all, if used in conjunction of a combat event card. Beware it, saving your legions if possible ! At the end of the seventh turn, the players total their victory points and determine the winner. How the History of the Roman empire game will ended ? Do a restored “Roman Empire” rise, or do it fall to the achievement of the barbarians strong ? Only you may decide it !

For every information and eventually preorder :

Thanks for your attention.

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