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Mystery of the Abbey - should I try it?

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Borrowing the mechanic

Check out my new journal entry re: Deductive Spellcasting to see a possible extension of the base mechanic from Mystery of the Abbey.

In short, that idea my friend had for a game that sort of combines Clue and Talisman... I think the MotA deductive mechanic might work out well in it.

You may note that I think I've made the incentive to "answer questions" a little better- instead of asking a question back, you get to request a card from their hand (specifying 2 attributes or whatever)- and of course they cannot refuse (unless they don't have any). Also, instead of asking a question, you can request a card, in which case if they comply they get to ask you a question you must answer.

In addition, there would be a more interactive board, with ways to get more cards, as well as other "action" cards which give you something to do with your cards other than just deduce.

Go read it and comment in the journal! :)

- Seth

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