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[Review] Compatibility

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A funny thing happened to me when I went shopping for German games. My family joined me, and literally forced me to buy Compatibility instead of Settlers of Catan. Anyway amid all my disappointment, I found an appreciation for these games.

The basic idea for the game is to pick a category randomly and then look through your deck of picture cards and find the cards you think your partner will put down, then put them in order of preference. The catch is that the farther you move across the board, the less cards you and your partner get to pick. To start with, the game moved rather slow, taking about 10 minutes for one turn. Once players started to catch on to the cards in the deck, the game started picking up the pace, and turns went by quickly.

The pieces are bowling pin pawns, the board is decent and the box is about the size of a box of Kleenexes. The cards are plastic coated and don't bend easily. For the $20 price tag, the game sure didn't offer much. We ran through the entire topic deck (picking one topic out of the six on each card) once in 3 games, which is okay because most of the time we end up picking different topics then we did before anyway, but sometimes we get the same one and we instantly know what answers to pick (can you say cheating?).

If you're into this type of game, I suggest looking into it, it provides some fun and entertainment (one of the pictures is a "dude" standing next to his beloved camel) while making for a great party game. However the game is not for everyone. If you aren't into this type of game, don't pick it up, you'll hate it. If you think you may like it, approach it with an open mind and see how it turns out.

Compatibilty gets a middle of the road 3 out of 5.

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