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[Review] Merchants of empire

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I'm playing this game since a long time, it's a great game where you program your actions at the beginning of turn and then see if it was interfered with the action of the others.

Theire are three ways two win the game: a) increase his cash (economic influence), b) build a church (religious influence) and/or c) place electors in the surrounding regions (political influence).

And the great thing is that it's free!!!
I heard that it will be published with an other them by Tilsit.

This game is really original!! Sorry I'm not that good to write long reviews :) English is my second language. I was only giving you the chance to discover this great free game :)

I don't know if some of you had heard of this game or even played it?

it's really worthing the effort of printing the component!!

Here is the game:

If you want some better reviews than mine go to:

Hope you enjoy it!!

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