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3D Quarto

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Hi! I was wondering about the following variation for Quarto, and am working on fine-tuning the rules so I can send them to a game store to test play it. Tell me what you think.

3D Quarto
It consists of a 4x4x4 board. There are 64 pieces, which contain all combinations of the following 6 attributes:

hollow/not hollow

The 16 brown/solid pieces comprise the current set.

The goal is (drum roll) to get four in a row in any direction, including space diagonals. Normal Quarto rules apply. The space diagonals make it tougher, needless to say. To make it tougher still, we can use wraparound.

To prevent ties (which happen all too often in regular Quarto), you can keep on placing pieces until 48 squares are filled. At this point, the game changes. Instead of placing a piece, the opponent points at an unoccupied space on the board. You must move one of the pieces in the up-to-26 (yes, 26) spots adjacent to the empty space into it.

If a move produces more than one winning Quarto, the players start pointing rows of four generated by the last move. The last player to announce a row of four wins. Note that if the player who places the piece only notices one of two Quartos generated by the move, another player can point out the second and steal the game!

What do you think? Would this sell?

Thanks in advance,


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