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Quote: No questionable content should be submitted. I.E. nothing that contains sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or extreme violent content. Any such submission will be rejected. All games should be in good taste and should be suitable for a family environment.

What would be considered

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Content Question...


When I start to design a game, one of the first things is to set the scope. So Who will play this game! has to be decided.
As I read the rules, the game should be for peoples of 12+ (could be younger). The "Extreme Violence" goes into this category. You have to make a judgment of how much violence (and sex) a 12-year-old person can handle.

This is just my opinion and the judges can make another decision.

// Johan

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Content Question...

Death is certainly appropriate considering the theme, however, try not to be explicit with gorey content (I.E. nothing like having a person

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