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"Information Clearinghouse" for the contest(s)?

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Hi -

Though I originally first posted a while ago, I've been on hiatus and now... well, here I am... :)

Anyway, the contest I've been reading about - the microgame - sounds interesting, but as I'm just now popping in, I'm wondering if all the needed information is in the two threads -

"The "Winner's" Publishing Contract"


"New Contest?"... ?

If so, or even if not, perhaps the most up-to-date rules and contract should be posted on their own pages rather than buried in threads?

As I mentioned, I'm pretty new here and certainly don't want to step on any toes or standards.. I just want to make sure I'm getting the most recent info!


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"Information Clearinghouse" for the contest(s)?

Welcome Andrew

Yep, the information is in those two threads. The contest hasn't officially started yet (to my knowledge) but it will probably be like the last with its own page and link on the frontpage.

"Information Clearinghouse" for the contest(s)?

Thank you!

"Information Clearinghouse" for the contest(s)?

Thats what I'm hoping as well. :-)

I did post the contract in a seperate thread so as to let everyone know what we were considering for the winner without them having to weed through the gazillion posts on the other thread... which is more along the lines of "how will this work". would have been but a single thread had the contract been finalized sooner :-).


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