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Well of Echoes (D6) need some help plz

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if anyone have read the book "well of echoes" (great books) then i need your help, and well if not, help me anyways:)

in Ian Irvine books well of echoes there is this Great story behide "magic" how it works and all. so for you who have raid the books, and know about the D6 starwars system from West end games, i have this for you,

In starwars D6 the force skill work like, Sence, Alter ;control,,

i want magic in my well of echoes D6 to work something like this,

but the trick is how to do it,

i have something in mind like this

"magic/Force" the skills: Draw, Control, Mind ; geomancy, scurutor magic,

Draw, ( to use magic a Mancer/mage need to draw power from a "node" some are harder then others,and this nodes are all over in the world/planet)

control, ( the skill used to, alter/control the magic and shape it to a spell,)

Mind, ( it can be hard for the mind to cope with the aspect of the Magic, and some spells allows you to sense the 4th plane (normal magic are cast in a sort of 3D space, so this is the really powerfull spells, like Geomancy,)

geomancy, ( the most powerfull and hardest magic to learn and use, a Geomancer does not need to draw from a node the way a normal mancer do, geomancers can draw from crystals and the aspect of the world around them, it is the power of the world,(for you that read the books you know what im talking about,)

scurutor magic, ( This magic is only 150 year old, as i understand it, this is a counter magic to most other magics, and is one of the more powerfull magics,)

in the books there is a after effect on mancers, after they have cast alot of magic/ or when they reach the limit of there powers, they suffer internal wounds or outer wounds,

magic in D6 can real easy become overpowerd, in starwars it was like this, if your CHAR became dark side and used he/she power to kill he woud lose hes CHAR when he fell to the dark side.....

but here there is no dark side, so how hard does it need to be to learn and cast magic and what skill woud i need to use for spells,

(sharlith wanna cast a uhmm Imolate spell.( mancer fire spell) to do this she need to draw power, so she need to role a "draw" role, lets say easy, she succeded and now need to "control" and form the power to the effect she wants, so the spell goes of and she kill her target, but we still need to see if her mind can cope with it, so she need to role a "mind" role...

so for this after effect on the "mind" skill the key?. like if the mind roll fail, she need to soak with her stength vs a damage MOD for that level of spell....

what do you other fans think about this ok, or overpowerd. or what woud you do :)

thanks for you time: taokar :D

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