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Damn You!!! by Ken Maher

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I am a bad, bad man. I’ve been sitting on a few wonderful entries for so long that my friend (or ex-friend at this point) Chris Clark has been forced to pick-up my slack. Well, no more I say! So without any further delay….

Damn You!!! By Ken Maher (A game for 2-6 players)

Theme (10 points): Well, under the terms of “Doomed Civilization” this might be a bit of a stretch. Certainly petty Gods controlling the fates will get you a few points. (That and you used the phrase “Doomed Civilization” in a sentence!)
4 points

Originality (10 points): You have to really be creative to do something original with hexes. The movement rules are familiar (and easy to understand.) The win condition was fairly straightforward. Now as a game designer myself I have to give kudos to the “rule that fixes a broken end game.” My group managed to have no winner in two of our six games. It left us feeling a bit grumpy but the game is called “Damn You!” And not “Fuzzy Feelings of Happiness.” And that is original.
6 points

Cohesiveness (15 points): The game played fine and worked well enough with the selected graphics and the theme. Our games tended to last about half an hour with a variety of play scenarios so it doesn’t appear to play the same each time. The endgame can get a little slippery but I don’t think we managed to break the game. All in all a very good effort. You had many variables to balance and for the most part it all works. (You might want to look at the 2 and 6 player games, as they may need some firming up.)

Bonus points for the game variations. They are very clever additions to the rules.
10 points

Components (5 points): You did well here. The pieces worked and I didn’t mind hunting around for pawns and such. Now I must say the template for colored dice was scary but I suppose important to those on a strict dice budget.
3 points

Fun (25 points): Here’s the thing. Now I’m looking for a bit more color. We didn’t quite have enough strategic elements to make this a game like ‘Civilization’ yet everything was pretty serious. This game begs for a bit of humor. Maybe some excessive use of the word “smiting.” You are a God; let’s add some petty action mechanics. You get the idea. And I know any designer that claims he’s “Happily putting ‘More’ into Moronic” will know what I’m talking about. You are half way there with a working game mechanic now finish with color and flavor. Often this will keep folks coming back for more.

Having said all that your mechanic and presentation is fun alone. And your use of the word “Moronic” will always get you points. It like the word Guacamole…you just can’t help but smile.
16 points

Summary: Excellent effort in a contest filled with excellent games!
39 points total!

-Ed Evans, Partner
Alien Menace Games

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Damn You!!! by Ken Maher

He's right about "Guacamole"... :)

Damn You!!! by Ken Maher

or the word "Lemmings"...

sorry, that was a shameless plug.

One left (!) in the contest that I will be looking over tonight, although it might be a day or two before we playtest it. ...and Ed has one more that he will be reviewing as well (Ed is doing The Last Ships From Atlantis).

...thanks Ed.. rest assured that I have now destroyed those incriminating photographs.


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Damn You!!! by Ken Maher

I just wanted to let you know that I think you deserve a whole buch of points for the work you are doing on our behalf. (I feel kind of bad for making you put my game together yourself)

I also wanted to thank you for your constructive (and kind) remarks.
WOW ... you played it 6 times! (That alone is more feed back than I usually receive in a year) To be honest I felt a little bad sending in an entry with almost no play testing behind it. A little "alpha testing", once or two sessions with my wife (who doesn't like to hurt my feelings - or so she says) and one attempt with an out of towm friend and a chance meeting in a moving RV (less than ideal situation). I'll admit up front that the rules for 6 players were a total guess. I had no way of testing them out.

I think you may even have been too kind. Soon after submitting the game I realized it was "flat". I did up a supplement which doubled the number and kinds of cards (more effects, more damage to the other players and the like), added a new tile, and a couple of new variations on the rules.

I also went back and cleared up a point in the original rules that didn't come across clearly. When you roll the "F" on the die you get a fate card right away. You may get another if you land on a Fates Tile later in the turn. The more cards you can play the more punch the game seems to have.

I really appreciate the "smiting" direction. Thanks again for your consideration. I really appreciated this!


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