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Decaying Orbits by Max_Torq

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Decaying Orbits

Theme: (8 out of 10) Mega-corporations have bought humanity. Humans need even more energy and private enterprise has come to fill that need. However, the corporations have turned on each other. The technology used to explore the planets is now destroying these new environments. Meanwhile, on Earth, the population starts to get a little miffed…

Originality: (5 out of 10) We’ve all seen this genre in the past. However, the aspect of numerous dirty dealings behind the scenes, coupled with the greed factor, still makes for an interesting game.

Cohesiveness: (15 out of 15) One interesting feature of the Decaying Orbits boardgame is the timeline that helps players quickly orient themselves in the feel of the game world. The instructions are well written and follow a logical order. The Reference Page is a handy sheet that speeds up play. The layout of the gameboard is intuitive. All the supporting components fit well with the overall look of the game and are nicely done. Markers representing various aspects found in the game all have a good look to them and are easy to identify (each is explained fully in the rules). Their sizes correspond well with the playing surface (map) and do not add a lot of clutter to the visual appearance of the game during play.

Components: (5 out of 5) The graphics on the playing pieces are colorful and very well done.15 Playing pieces are not overcrowded with information and can be easily read when placed on the playing surface. All game components integrate well with each other and offer a pleasing system to play and understand. The only dice needed are common d6s.

Fun: (18 out of 25) This game was good fun to play. It is intriguing and well thought out. The gameplay can offer numerous outcomes and possibilities that keep players on their toes. In this respect, Decaying Orbits has high replay value. The gameboard and pieces are pleasant to look at and use during play. Nothing boring here. If you like space games, this one is worth playing.

Total: 51 out of 65.

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Decaying Orbits by Max_Torq


Sorry for the dumb question, what is this the results of? Are these games by members on the forum, or reviews of commercial games?


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Decaying Orbits by Max_Torq

These are the results of the game competition mentioned at the top of the home page (with this link:

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Decaying Orbits - Private game?

Sounds like a winner (and it was), but can others play it also, or was it only for the competition? Or did I just not look in the right places for it? :oops:

Nu Yawk Dawg

Decaying Orbits by Max_Torq

Thank-you very much to the judges for the time and effort spent to review my entry. I am very pleased by the score that you have given me and actually nicely surprised that it showed so well; I am encouraged to continue the games development.

Thank-you to the administrators and bgdf community for making the competition possible, and a very useful experience.

Decaying Orbits can be downloaded from my site at:

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