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Eastern Raider Games again

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I am here to keep alive this long ignored part of the forum...

A new Portrait Package is on sale now.
94 images from 38 unique ones are in the package. From 100x100
resolution to 700x900 or 430x1000. When you bought it once you can use the content in any way you want, as many times you want, even in commercial product. You can even change it, rehue, resaturate, copy-paste, blend, merge etc. The only limitation: you cannot resell the images or the derivative images in themselves. Only as a part of a product.

Any feedback is welcomed!

I also reworked the website for many reasons.

It was hard to update. My HTML "knowledge" doubled since, what doesn't mean anything it was very poor, so now it is (very poor x 2)...

DogsDo had been removed a while ago, because Comstar-Games will publish it through their website.



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